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If you are still just relying on your company's branded website to get you business, you may be missing out on an opportunity to use a clickable targeted premium website name (and a unique online network) to reach new customers for your products and services. Why?...

A great website name like stands out.

Your potential customers use internet search engines to research for answers to questions they have and solutions to problems they are trying to solve. A 'generic' website name that shows up in paid advertising and organic search often gets better click through results than a company branded website name. Assuming they have no knowledge of your business and how you can help them, a targeted generic clickable website name like will probably get more click throughs (versus an unknown branded website). You need a website name that stands out! Find Out More!

A great website name like gets referred.

Your potential customers ask friends, family, co-workers questions like "Where can I get...? Who do you know that can...? and other questions. If your products and services are the answers / solutions those same friends, family, and co-workers can easily remember a website name like and refer those potential new customers there! You need a referable website name! Find Out More!

A great website name like is remembered.

Your potential customers will remember It's easy to read, easy to speak, easy to understand, easy to remember. It will boost your marketing efforts (online and offline)! A potential new customer sees a website name on a sign, on a print ad, spoken in a radio ad but they don't visit it right away. Will they be able to remember the website name when they need to? A memorable website name is even more important if you do a lot of offline to online marketing. Think about it... how many times have you seen an advertisement with a company's branded website and you planned to visit the website at a later time. But then you forgot the website address and couldn't remember company name either. You need a memorable website name! Find Out More!

A great website name like gets direct traffic.

You see premium website names can get a considerable amount of direct navigation. In other words, people go directly to a website by typing the website name into the browser or search bar. Most likely you were looking for a great website name and you have typed in this website address to see if it's available. If you don't have a website name that people can easily remember and easily associate with the products and services you offer, you probably are missing out! You need a website address that gets direct traffic! Find Out More!

So are you stuck with just using a branded website name (like your company's name)? Nope! Not At All!

Keep that one... especially if it is branded to your company... but also look to expand your reach by obtaining more website names. I definitely believe that you should be using multiple website names, each targeted to the different products and services you offer, in order to reach the greatest number of potential customers.

As a small business owner in the St. Louis, I know this strategy works!

Hi my name is John Williams. I am a real estate broker that has always looked for and found creative ways to compete with larger and better financed competition. If you have not heard, the residential real estate business is really competitive. Think about how many real estate agents you personally know. I will bet it's more than one. If you too, are in a competitive industry, I feel your pain! Know this, you can use the same strategies I have to help you Survive AND Thrive in today's economy!

I have used this strategy since 1998!

In the late 1990s I started buying and selling St Louis related domains (website names)... specifically "DOT COMS". Back then, it was much easier to get premium website names than today because people were still trying to figure out how to use email, much less buying multiple premium website names name to market their business. There were many businesses that didn't even have a website. Everything was brick and mortar. Each of my biggest competitors just had their own company branded website. That's when I saw a great opportunity and realized that the internet could be the great equalizer for the small business person using the right strategies!

I surrounded my competition!

So what did I do? I created a multi-domain marketing strategy designed to target for people looking to buy and/or sell real estate. I learned to code and build websites. I bought what I call "clickable" website names targeted to different niches, the kind of website names that made potential customers and clients click to find out more about how I could help them. I basically built targeted niche websites and surrounded the competition. And guess what? It worked big time!

AND It still works for me today (and it can work for you too)!

Fast forward to today, this multi-domain marketing strategy continues to generate my company tons of internet business that result in lots of commissions! Yep, I am still being creative, still competing, still using this strategy to generate new business for my real estate brokerage. Now I am helping a limited number of other businesses and professionals enjoy the same success I have through the Connecting St. Louis™ network!

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PLUS you get the power of using the Connecting St Louis™, a network of premium St Louis targeted websites. If you are a St Louis area business or professional wanting a really good website name to help you generate more business via lead generation, branding, traffic direction you are at the right place!

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